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writting out ps1 files and batch files

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So iam trying to make an autoit script that opens notepad or a cmd shell and write out code for either batch or powershell then save the code as a file for later execution. The computer doesnt have a reliable internet connection so just downloading and executing the code from the net is not feasable.  So when i try this the file saves okay, and on skimming the written out code seems fine too, but when i try to execute the file nothing happens.  So heres what im doing

$1 = FileOpen(C:tempxxxx.bat)

FileWrite($1, "a bunch of code which i copy and paste from a WORKING batch file")


I know the code is correct because i wrote it and it works but for some reason when i use autoit to write it out for me i get nothing. No errors or nothing it just opens a cmd shell and quickly dissapears with no action happening    anyone know whats going on?  

I also tried doing this from the cmd shell with      "echo a bunch of batch code or powershell code >> C:tempxxx.bat

also not working

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Well not really cuz the code is a powershell script which has been tested and works, then that powershell script because it has so many characters like @ " , etc that it has been encoded using powershell so the code looks like this

powershell -EncodedCommand jkhHUIHuihuhHHSbdbgbGGGGvytgvsygvguBU      all the way through, but that encoded base64 powershell code which actually launches initially from a cmd shell which switches to a powershell then executes the code, works when i click on it as a batch file,,,then that same exact code is copy and pasted into   FileWrite($1, "powershell -EncodedCommand uihiuhUIHHHIUHiuhiuhiuhuiHIUHIUHuygtyfTRFRTdREDrtYGyuiHu" &@CRLF _



I look at the file $1  and the code is written in there just fine but wont execute for some reason    perhaps im messing up something using the @CRLF _ &"" commands?

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or im thinking autoit is perhaps incapable of automating the writing out complex code to files which work as executables?   i know simple one liner type of codes can work but seems like bigger more complicated code wont run when written out by autoit

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How are you trying to execute the code, Run, RunAs, ShellExecute?

If I posted any code, assume that code was written using the latest release version unless stated otherwise. Also, if it doesn't work on XP I can't help with that because I don't have access to XP, and I'm not going to.
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I also tried doing this from the cmd shell with      "echo a bunch of batch code or powershell code >> C:tempxxx.bat

also not working


As long as this is the case, I would not be looking at your autoitscript but rather at your environment. Are you sure you are echoing to a dir/file you actually have write permissions for?

Also, on your au3 code:

1 - the default mode for FileOpen is read-only. Read the helpfile for FileOpen and specify the write options that you need. Your current call is not going to work.

2 - you need to FileClose the file after writing.

3 - log the return values of the FileOpen, the FileWrite and the FileClose calls so you know where it goes wrong.

4 - if you need admin permissions, add #RequireAdmin on top of your script

(1 - 4 can be summed up by: read the friendly manual  :) )


5 - check the content you are trying to write for strange characters.

6 - still trouble? Show more code (what you have now is not enough to correctly write a file) and if possible also an example of the intended content of one of your files-to-write.

(Also, autoit code posted on this forum should be in autoit tags (use the blue autoit button in the button bar above the post entry field.)

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