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Major Forum Upgrade Incoming

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A short users guide to the IPB v4 new forum - this will be reposted and pinned after the upgrade. This is just an advance warning :)

The forum operates in much the same way as the old v3 one, but there are several major differences - so here is a quick guide:

Firstly login:

This requires displayname/password - not username/password as before.

Next the editor:

This is now full WYSIWYG using HTML and seems a lot better than the v3 one. There are buttons to add hyperlinks, quotes, code and spoilers, plus Trac links . It is recommended NOT to use the basic editor as BB codes no longer work and so it is difficult to enter anything other than plain text.

Posting links to threads/posts is easy: Posting a thread/post URL (use the "share this post" button at top right to get a post URL) directly into the editor actually inserts a clickable single line box. Using the editor "link" button lets you choose clickable text to display in place of the box.

The "code" button gives a choice of "AutoIt" (with syntax highlighting) or plain "Text". Code over a certain length still appears in scrollable boxes, but these no longer have "expand/popup" buttons - just click on the code and it is all automatically selected.

Paragraph spacing is automatically applied when pressing {ENTER} - use {Shift-ENTER} for single lines.

Now the member details:

The dropdown under the member name at top right still accesses things such as Private Messages, Content, Followed Content. To change display name, signature, password, go to "Account Settings"

How members are notified of forum events has changed - check to find out how previous settings have been transferred because there are now some forced choices where the notification will be in-forum rather than by email.

The "Friend" functionality has been replaced by the ability to "Follow" other members - this is done via a button on their profile page.

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    • By Jon
      The forum is currently being upgraded - this post details the status.
      Content may look badly formatted at the moment. This is normal until the background rebuild tasks have finished. There is no need to re-edit your old posts or signatures to fix them, this should happen automatically. Please resist the urge to do so
      The post rebuild is estimated at 9 hours - it's not a quick task.
      Current Status:
      Forum upgraded - 100% AutoIt code boxes rebuilt - 100% Double-spaced paragraphs fixed up (as best I can) - 100% Forum to Wiki Access - 100% Signatures rebuilt - 100% Posts rebuilt (emoticons, bbcode, attachments, images, quotes) - 100% Legacy BBCode fixed in signatures ​color - 100% color=rgb() - 100% url - 100% img - 100% size - 100% Search engine online - 100%
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