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    • By Stacker
      Hi all,
      i want to start a new application that capture a screen or image from webcam an read all barcode inside the picture.
      I have test this code https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/27925-webcam-example/
      Works fine for my webcam.
      Now i need to read all barcodes (code 128 code39, no 2d) inside the picture. I have found this https://www.codeproject.com/Articles/42852/Reading-Barcodes-from-an-Image-III
      It's possible to make a dll from VB source i linked  with this  parameters :  filename, Array of barcode founded, error code and launch from Autoit with function ?
      Anyone can help me to make dll and autoit function, i don't know VB.
    • By corgano
      I have seen many different threads about generating barcodes, displaying them, and printing them. However at this point I am completely torn with which method to use. I am making a software that lets the user scan items, enter in information and save it in a SQLite database. For my purposes, I want to be able to display the barcode with number underneath in a similar way to most other controls eg GuiCtrlCreateBarcode( barcodenumber, x, y, width, height ). I also want to be able to print the barcode and have it be readable by the same scanner - The most successful encoding I've found is code128. Here is what I have found so far:
      This thread has nice code that saves the output as images Printing is easy and scans properly Displaying the image on a pic control makes it easy to set it's x/y/width/height
      But.. The code does not let you directly specify the width / height, so displayed image on GUI is ALWAYS skewed. Getting output images the right size with that code is very difficult I cannot find any examples of drawing barcodes to an image that let you specify width / height This example  Several threads use Static controls Look very nice on GUI, easy to get explicit position and size
      But... I know of no way to turn a bunch of static controls into something printable I didn't find any examples that had numbers at the bottom of the barcode The third solution I found was using a barcode font Can look nice, depending on font Shouldn't be hard to print
      But.. Depends on additional font being installed Some fonts don't scan correctly How do you specify a width / height of an area you want the barcode to fill when using a font? I'm really at a loss as to how to move forward. Maybe there's an example I missed that is better suited to what I could find? PErhaps someone has experience writing barcode scanning / generating / printing software and can share the experiences. Can someone bounce a few ideas back and forth with me on the best way to proceed?
    • By willichan
      Requires quricol32.dll from http://delphi32.blogspot.it/2011/11/quricol-qr-code-generator-library.html
      Lots of similar implementations, but this one fits with my other barcode libraries.
    • By willichan
      Creates a Code39 or Code39Extended (with or without check-character) barcode from supplied data
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