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Getting Pixel Checksum of Control

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I've got a pesky checkbox in a login window (the vSphere Client login window) that causes AutoIt's controlCommandIsChecked to always return false regardless of if the box is checked or not. Thus, I decided to resort to performing a pixel checksum on the checkbox's control to determine if it's checked or not based on the checksum value. I must be doing something wrong though because it's not computing the checksum of the appropriate area at all. Here's what I came up with (I'm using Java) ...

AutoItX autoIt = new AutoItX();
String loginWindow = "VMware vSphere Client";

double pchecksum = autoIt.pixelChecksum(autoIt.controlGetPosX(loginWindow, "", "[NAME:checkUsePassthrough]"), +
    autoIt.controlGetPosY(loginWindow, "", "[NAME:checkUsePassthrough]"), +
    autoIt.controlGetPosX(loginWindow, "", "[NAME:checkUsePassthrough]")+autoIt.controlGetPosWidth(loginWindow, "", "[NAME:checkUsePassthrough]"), +
    autoIt.controlGetPosY(loginWindow, "", "[NAME:checkUsePassthrough]")+autoIt.controlGetPosHeight(loginWindow, "", "[NAME:checkUsePassthrough]")));

Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong here in capturing the coordinates of the control to compute the pixel checksum?

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​I have no idea what that means.  Could you please explain?

​so you of course opened the Helpfile and did a search for it before asking ....  right? ;)



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