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Dynamic AutoIt scripts, need advice

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Hi, I am using AutoItx3.dll with c# for a long time but now I have specific problem.

I would like to create dynamic scripts on server and send it to local program ( c# gui ) that will run that script.

Main idea is to have c# gui, and user would input some request to server.

Server would create "Autoitscript" that will be run locally by program.


Dont know what is the best approach , server could make:

1. au3 script, that would be compiled on PC and run afterward. ( thats few kb file )

2. make .exe file 

3. make c# code that would be compiled in runtime using CodeDOME,CSharpCodeProvider .

4. something else?


Can you give me advice on this, I need something that is light, stable, and most important that user can not save that script.

For example if I go with option 1. or 2. I am afraid that everybody can get hands on that script.


Best regards, Fabo


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Come on guys I would very much appreciate any advice.


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