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Hard question: how to make a chatbot learn?

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I'm trying to create this advanced AutoIt chatbot which can learn from interacting (by words) with others. The key feature of an chatbot is the ability to learn new information. I need to know how to store unknown information, for example when a user asks "what do you know about Autoit" the bot should respond asking what is it, then the bot will read the answer from the user.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance. :)

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One idea...re-read your own post and think about just how vague your question is, and then fix it ;)

Try explaining in detail what you are trying to do, and what problem you have run into.

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Not an easy task. You could try to generate pathways based on a real brain messaging activity. Associate frequently used words with conversation topics. Build a map which allows fast cross-referencing. Create an engine to generate grammatically correct responces to user input. Enter the Loebner Prize competition. :idea:

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