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Filereadline - problem

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Hello, I've problem with filereadline command (probably).


$settings = FileOpen(@DocumentsCommonDir & "\settings.ini", 1)
$ostzdj = FileReadLine($settings, 1)

Inside settings.ini in public documents I've

Ostatnie zdjęcie:IMG_8092
I tried change format, change file open mode, without macro, but all time it return nothing.
One strange thing what I found is when i was use 
MsgBox(0,"","'" & $ostzdj * "'")

It return '0 but idk why

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Likely your FileOpen() points to the wrong file, so test for success of FileOpen by testing @error.


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File was in "\\users\public" but should be in "\\users\public\documents"

BTW. error returned -1

And now i will use ini commands couse I know about it :D

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