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Coupling AutoIT with a Software

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Hey guys. I am new to this forum and I do not know much about AutoIT. Currently, I am doing my project on a chemical engineering topic and I have to use AutoIT to automate a software (Called IECM) to save my time as I had to do trial and error beforehand. I have gone through each and every aspect of the tutorials and helps available and already know something about automation. I tried to generate my own code, but at the first stage, a problem arises as I can not call for the software. What I write is just a simple Run ("iecmint.exe"), but there is no reaction to this statement. I do not know if it is wrong or write as the same command was used calling the "calculator" and it had no problems. Moreover, I am not sure about the libraries available on AutoIT. Where can I find the full list of libraries and I am wondering whether importing all the libraries in AutoIT arises any problems or not? Would you guys please help me?

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Welcome to the forum, Shams.

As J1 states, you need to give the full path to the executable in order to run it. Also, please post your code (even if it is not working the way you would like it to) so we can see what you're trying to accomplish. Help us help you ;)

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How to get your question answered on this forum!

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