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How to locate a checkbox in a form

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I am trying to use AutoIt to locate a checkbox in a form from a webpage. This page is basically the result of a search operation from a list of users. In normal cases the search should either return one matching result or none. But it could return multiple users. I want to check a check box associate with one user only (I know the username).

The checkbox:

<th class="check-column" scope="row">
            <label class="screen-reader-text" for="user_62">Select testuser1</label>
            <input name="users[]" class="subscriber" id="user_62" type="checkbox" value="62">

As you can see most of the fields are quite generic, I can't really use "name" or "id" to do this, but the label "Select testuser1" can be used for my script to identify this user (testuser1). I tried to find a function in IE.au3 to get the this checkbox but couldn't seem to find it, is there an obvious way to accomplish this? Apparently I could just use coordicates to move the mouse and check this checkbox, but it's less elegant in many ways.

Thank you for your help!


I am attaching the html for the form down below as well in case I missed something important for this puzzle:


<form method="get">

<table class="wp-list-table widefat fixed striped users">

    <tbody id="the-list" data-wp-lists="list:user">
    <tr id="user-62">
        <th class="check-column" scope="row"><label class="screen-reader-text" for="user_62">Select testuser1</label>
            <input name="users[]" class="subscriber" id="user_62" type="checkbox" value="62">
        <td class="username column-username">
            <img width="32" height="32" class="avatar avatar-32 photo" alt="" src="http://2.xxxxx.com/avatar/2239cdc9d7fa98b276c2589dbe90d0eb?s=32&amp;d=mm&amp;r=g" srcset="http://2.xxxxx.com/avatar/2239cdc9d7fa98b276c2589dbe90d0eb?s=64&amp;d=mm&amp;r=g 2x"> 
                    <a href="http://xxxxx.com/wp-admin/user-edit.php?user_id=62&amp;wp_http_referer=%2Fwp-admin%2Fusers.php%3Fs%3Dtestuser1%26action%3D-1%26new_role%26paged%3D1%26action2%3D-1">testuser1
            <div class="row-actions">
                <span class="edit"><a href="http://xxxxx.com/wp-admin/user-edit.php?user_id=62&amp;wp_http_referer=%2Fwp-admin%2Fusers.php%3Fs%3Dtestuser1%26action%3D-1%26new_role%26paged%3D1%26action2%3D-1">Edit</a> | </span>
                <span class="delete"><a class="submitdelete" href="users.php?action=delete&amp;user=62&amp;_wpnonce=c3d7ef021d">Delete</a></span>
        <td class="name column-name">testuser1 tu</td>
        <td class="email column-email"><a title="E-mail: xxxxx@xxxxx.xxxxx" href="mailto:xxxxx@xxxxx.xxxxx">xxxxx@xxxxx.xxxxx</a></td>
        <td class="role column-role">Subscriber</td>
        <td class="posts column-posts num">0</td>
        <td class="xxxxx column-xxxxx">xxxxx</td>
        <td class="xxxxx column-xxxxx">Jul 10, 2015<br>6:31 AM</td>





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Try this code :

#Include <IE.au3>

$sUser = "testuser1"

$oIE = _IEcreate("http://the-url") ; replace it by your url
$content = _IEDocReadHTML($oIE)

$id = StringRegExp($content, 'for="([^"]+)">Select ' &  $sUser & '', 1)[0]
$oCheckbox = _IEGetObjById($oIE, $id)
$oCheckbox.checked = True


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