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Auto Close Idle Program

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Anyone ever had any luck  writing something that is a Program is running in windows and that program is minimized/inactive for x minutes it closes the program?

We have a scheduling program that has 5 licenses and despite repeated reminders people are not closing it when they are done. We have 5 people that check their schedule every morning, print out a report and then go about their day. About 5 other people occasionally need to get in and schedule stuff.

Just found this page so still trying to figure it out.




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Sounds like a relatively easy task on the face of it.

Assuming these programs have windows, you should look at and study the examples of the following in the help file....


While loop



If Else Endif condition


To get you started.

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Some questions:

1 - Does "inactive" mean that no user interaction (mouse or keyboard) has occurred?

2 - Do "minimized" and "inactive" mean the same thing in this context?

3 - What do you mean by "close the program"? (kill, send termination string, etc...)


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