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Need help creating a bot for an online game

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Just wanted to create a bot for a game to do my bidding while i sleep as this game requires a vast amount of time spent to get what you want as i work and go to school this really isn't feasible...


the game is "rise of the champions" on kongregate a turn based rpg issue is i haven't scripted since i played WoW which was YEARS ago and i've never made an actual bot and i was wondering if anyone here could help me with it any advice? have you tried it on that game specifically or simliar games? would it be easy to make one for it? any links or anything that can guide me through that process for a turn based rpg bot?


ik some people are going to give me the "why don't you just play it speech" but man the time required to get what you want could take ages...and i also want to get experience on scripting/making bots on something small like this game and build my way up this learning curve.

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Here's my speech.

If you don't have time to play a game, then don't.buy or install it.

There are also rules here prohibiting the discussion of game bots.

oh that i didn't know it wasn't allowed! my bad! i saw another link a while back briefly going over it so i thought it was okay...my bad all!

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