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I would like to know if its possible to update text of the listview item from a external .au3 script because the listview items are aldready focused and ensure visibility tho, (this list is used to track which softwares are not yet downloaded / currently downloading / aldready downloaded ) so I was wondering if it was safer and faster to get downloaded bytes from external .au3 script and edit item text inside GUI.

the main purpose of this question is that I am experimenting percent results being totally wrong when I use the same code in a new script it actually work correctly with correct results returned...

(this is just a question, not actually asking to fix it)

( sorry I wrote this fast without reading myself before posting (in a hurry) so please if anything makes no sense or anything is missing please say it and i will explain it later)

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As far as i know, The only function to control a third party programs listi view is ControlListView function. And as per the help file, it doesn't show that it ican use for setting list view's text or any other properties. But you can get data from it. 

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Any others answers??? I can't believe no one has an idea..

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Sure, You have been acting like an Ass in the past and still seems to be in the same mood posting something quick and dirty and then being surprised getting proper answers.

What about you try to change your approach a little?


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