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Windows SmartScreen blocking compiled script from running

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I am having issues with Windows SmartScreen blocking my compiled scripts. They run fine on my computer, but when I move them over to a different one, either by USB or a file hosting site, they get blocked by Windows SmartScreen. I have tested it on a number of computers, and it happens on all of them. I have also done this with scripts that do and don't require Admin, and it always happens. 


Is that related to this? I was thinking it might be, but I am not so sure since the only antivirus I have is Windows Defender. I wouldn't mind this happening since I realize you can click More info and then click run anyway, but I am planning on distributing my program, and normal users probably wouldn't know this. I don't really want to have to deal with all the users complaining that my program has viruses.



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For programs to run unquestioned on latest versions of Windows, they need an approved Microsoft Signature.

Everyone has this issue, especially when running your created programs on another PC.

Either people need to adjust their security settings (not recommended) or they need to assign specific permissions.

The situation is not helped any by how AutoIt is seen by some, but in all honesty that can be a blessing to an average, don't understand much, user.

There is a bias going on though, when your scripts get indiscriminately accused of being a virus etc ... which happens on occasion, and shouldn't. It is fair to halt proceedings and require permission and say, might be, but not is ... unless it truly is.

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If u want to run it just click on more info~ Then you can choose if u want to run it. This would be just a easy way to "Bypass" this Situation.

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Ok, thanks for the replies. I signed it with a self signed certificate, and that didn't help. After that, I read up on digital signing some more and found that to have your certificate trusted, it must be from a Certification Authority, and to get one of those can cost around $200 a year. Yikes.

I think I will just put a nice little explanation on the download page about how to get around the security blocks.



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