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pixelsearch not clicking wierd behavior

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sometimes my script just hovering  mouseMove to the target continuously.. and not left clicking it ..whats the problem? :(


Func Start()
While 1
   $pxs2 = PixelSearch(70, 102, 1181, 654, 0x6b2900)
If isArray($pxs2) then
MouseMove($pxs2[0]+40,$pxs2[1]+40, 0)
      $pxs3 = PixelSearch(70, 102, 1181, 654, 0x6b29a4)
If isArray($pxs3) then
MouseMove($pxs3[0]+40,$pxs3[1]+40, 0)
         $pink = PixelSearch(0, 0, @DesktopWidth, @DesktopHeight, 0x8a0859)
If isArray($pink) then
MouseMove($pink[0],$pink[1], 0)
            $pink2 = PixelSearch(0, 0, @DesktopWidth, @DesktopHeight, 0x8c085a)
If isArray($pink2) then
MouseMove($pink2[0],$pink2[1], 0)
    $pink3 = PixelSearch(0, 0, @DesktopWidth, @DesktopHeight, 0x880852)
If isArray($pink3) then
MouseMove($pink3[0],$pink3[1], 0)
    $green = PixelSearch(70, 102, 1181, 654, 0x00FF00)
If isArray($green) then
MouseMove($green[0]+25,$green[1]+25, 0)



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finally I got it working thanks to google  :)

MouseClick("primary", $pxs2[0], $pxs2[1], 1, 0)


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    • Cyberjunk
      By Cyberjunk
      Hello, I am new to both Programming and this forum. I have done a few tiny projects that were successful and fell in love with Autoit. So now I am trying to learn new things as I go. I have read the Help docs on my following question, I have gone thru all of that. and I am sure as soon as you see my code you will be saying OMG why did he do that, or OMG how can you forget to add this.. But when your new you take the path of least resistance to get the outcome you want.

      I am trying to make a code that will open a piece of software, then open a browser (which has a handful of tabs already open) go to a web page (one of the tabs) and search an area of the web page for a specific color, if that color is found I want it to close the browser and go back and start again. If that color is not found on that page I want it to switch tabs and search that page for the color. If the color is found on that page I want it to close the browser and start again. If the color is not found on either page, I want it to open another browser and go to website and do some things I will add once i get past this obstacle.

      I already have it almost there my code will open my software, open the browser, do the searches, find or not find the color, the part I am having trouble with is the if and else and what happens if and what it does if it does not. So the first code I have does everything I want except if it finds the color on the first run it closes the browser, but then when it starts the process again it doesnt check for the color. its like it skips the scanning part and goes straight to the opening of the second browser and finishes the code.
      Run( "C:\Programs\myprogram.exe", "", @SW_SHOWDEFAULT ) Sleep(4000) MouseClick("left", 613,272) ;click in program Sleep(500) Example() Func Example() MouseClick("left", 632,456) ;click in program Sleep(500) MouseClick("left", 527,456) ;click in program Sleep(15000) Run( "C:\Programs\browser1.exe", "", @SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED ) Sleep(Random(4000,6000)) EndFunc ;==>Example MouseClick("left", 162,14) ;switch tab Sleep(Random(5000,8000)) MouseClick("left", 354,14) ;switch tab Sleep(Random(5000,8000)) $aCoord = PixelSearch(873, 485, 900, 600, 0xDD0000, 10) ;search for color If Not @error Then MouseClick("left", 1338,6) ;close browser1 Sleep(1000) Call("Example") Else MouseClick("left", 162,14) ;switch tab Sleep(1000) EndIf MouseClick("left", 162,14) ;click tab again just to be sure its loaded Sleep(4000) $aCoord = PixelSearch(1052, 308, 1120, 431, 0xFF0000, 10) ;search for this color If Not @error Then MouseClick("left", 1338,6) ;close browser1 Sleep(1000) Call("Example") Else Run( "C:\Programs\browser2.exe", "", @SW_SHOWMAXIMIZED ) Sleep(2000) EndIf MouseClick("left", 134,45) ;click on address bar Sleep(1000) Send("") ;input website Send("{enter}") ;hit enter Sleep(15000) MouseClick("left", 1338,6) ;close browser2 Sleep(500) MouseClick("left", 1338,6) ;close browser1 Sleep(500) MouseClick("left", 625,454) ;click in program Sleep(500) MouseClick("left", 634,271) ;click in program Sleep(500) MouseClick("left", 917,245) ;close program Sleep(500) SO it makes the first scan and is successful, if the color is found it closes as I want, but then when nit starts the code again it does not scan anything the second time.

      and on the other side, if the color is not found naturally everything works as it is written.
      I want to guess by all the weird colors in the code sniplet I have a massive amount of errors. It is like a rainbow of text up there. different from what i see in AutoIT

      Any help would be appreciated.

    • Nitrolord
      By Nitrolord
      I had this problem with PixelGetColor not giving me the same HEX Color as the AU3Info Tool and searched every were with no luck then had a OH DA moment LoL.
      The problem is that the
      "PixelGetColor ($mouseX[0], $mouseY[1])"
      is looking rite at the very tip of the mouse pointer not under it.  So you have to set a -3 after the [0] and [1].  
      "PixelGetColor ($mouseX[0] -3, $mouseY[1] -3)"
      to make it search next to the pointer not on the pointer.  You may have to adjust this a bit for your display but you should not have  to go more then -5.  -3 seems to work best for me.
      #include <EditConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <StaticConstants.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> $Form1 = GUICreate("Form1", 141, 127, 276, 231) $Input1 = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 8, 8, 121, 21) $Label1 = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Press or Hold F1 to get Hex color at Mouse X -3, Y-3 Pos,", 8, 40, 124, 73) GUISetState(@SW_SHOW) HotKeySet("{f1}","MousePos") Func MousePos() $aPos = MouseGetPos() $PGC = PixelGetColor($aPos[0] -3, $aPos[1] -3) GUICtrlSetData($Input1, "0x" & Hex($PGC, 6)) EndFunc While 1 $nMsg = GUIGetMsg() Switch $nMsg Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE Exit EndSwitch WEnd  
    • DuyAnh
      By DuyAnh
      how to find the location on an image color ?? 
      Similar PixelSearch, but in a format bmp image

      search 0x0806EB and returns coordinates

      sorry I am not good at English
    • Tirk
      By Tirk
      PixelSearch in a GUI window which state's @SW_MINIMIZE.
      Is it possible?
    • Annonyreeder
      By Annonyreeder
      I've wrote a fairly straight forward script that will search an area of the screen and then left click on apart of that area should it find a certain color/pixel. 
      I have a small issue where by within the area, multiple pixels of the same color will appear, the script will continue to click on the same pixel over and over again. Is there a way so that it will cycle through all the results and click on each one for a given time period then move onto the next, as apose to clicking on the same spot forever. I have used timers before and that shouldn't be an issue, its more the having it stop clicking, or ignoring the current pixel its clicking and then moving onto the next one (same pixel color within same area).

      Hopefully this makes sense.
      HotKeySet("{ESC}", "END_EXIT") HotKeySet("+1", "start") While 1     Sleep(100)  WEnd func start()    while 1 $location = PixelSearch( 631, 175, 1181, 597, 0xFF0000) If IsArray ($location) = 1 Then     MouseClick ('left', $location[0], $location[1], 1, 0)  EndIf  WEnd EndFunc  func END_EXIT()  Exit  EndFunc