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How do you identify a specific expression in html?

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I gathered the source from a webpage and I want to identify a specific word(s). For example, in the html  I see <td> sdfsdFox sdf</td> or <td> Cat© Foxtsf sdfd </td>.

Is there a function that can determine that Fox (and Cat) is in between <td> and </td> ?

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If I recall it's something like _IETableGetCollection and you iterate through it, that's if you're using IE UDF

If you are just going through the flat source you can use a RegExp or simply 

_StringBetween($source, "<td>", "</td>")

To get an array.

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Thank you. In laymens terms what is the difference between these 3 flags: 

$STR_REGEXPARRAYMATCH (1)Return array of matches.
$STR_REGEXPARRAYFULLMATCH (2)Return array of matches including the full match (Perl / PHP style).
$STR_REGEXPARRAYGLOBALMATCH (3)Return array of global matches.
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