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In need of a y-pos solution

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Alright, after 4 years I finally broke down and registered so I can post a question. I did a lot of script writing in C++, Java, HTML, PHP, etc from 99-03 so I'm familiar with the logic. I've dabbled here and there for own interests and devices since then, but when I found AutoIt about 4-5 years ago, it made script writing fun again. 

I'm a small business owner / freelancer and the 3 of us (me, myself, and I) primarily use AutoIT to simplify and execute reptetive tasks so I can work on other things. At this point, I've been able to write everything I need between reading Google searches, the help file, and this forum. (Many thanks there.)

My latest endevor with social media has been to sync years of Facebook image posts from my business page to Pinterest. It will copy the accompanying text with the picture, go to the 'pin it' in the right click menu, but when I try to get the script to click the pin description box to paste the text is where I'm having the trouble. Every image is a different dimension, therefore the pin description box is always in a different place, but in the same x-pos area. The y-pos is what's changing. I have tried different things to make this work, but to no avail. I considered using a x/y pos random range, but I would like to know if there is a better solution. Once the pin description box is clicked, it should paste the text in then select the board. Everything else works smoothly except this one little thing.

here is my humble code to do this..


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Well, even though I posted in error on this thread looks like the answer is the same :)

This should work for you if you take the time to learn to use it.  Also look into IFTTT it has a lot of automated type things like post here, automatically cross post here.  May not help you retroactive but can help you going forward. 


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