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Send a certain amount of bytes

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Hello! :)

This is my first Thread / Post here, I hope I'am in the right section.. ._.

Alright, thats my problem: I made a little script which sends the amount of bytes you want it to ($bytestosend). I've gotten this far:

$bytes = GUICtrlRead($bytestosend)
  $ibytes = ($bytes*a)
  $ierror = 0
  $socket = TCPConnect($host, $iport)
  $TCPSend = TCPSend($socket, $ibytes)

As you can see I tried to multiply $bytes with "a", (let's say $bytes = 12) I would like the result to be  "aaaaaaaaaaaa", but you cant multiply numbers with letters, (12*a=0). I hope someone can figure it out! .__.

Excuse my bad English and thank you in advance! :)

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_StringRepeat  ?

Edit :
On just this :

Local $s = "a"
Local $sNewString

For $i = 1 To 12
    $sNewString &= $s


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