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ArraySearch Not Returning Error

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When doing a search for a value that is not in the array, I am not getting an error.

Instead it returns -1 as the index that it was found in.

From some searching I noticed that this used to be an issue when using different variable types, but in my example all variables are strings.

Here is the example:

#include <Array.au3>
#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>

Global $aSavedFiles[] = ["test", _
                        "dd_TESTCL_private.m", _
                        "dd_TESTCL_protected.m", _
                        "dd_TRSTAT_private.m", _
                        "OBJECT_TESTCL.mdl", _
                        "PUBLIC__T_TESTACTV.m", _
                        "PUBLIC__T_TESTEVT.m", _
                        "PUBLIC__T_TSTSTATTTRV.m", _
                        "TESTCL__CTRV.mdl", _
                        "TESTCL__SELECT.mdl", _
                        "TESTCL__T_STTTRV.m", _

_ArraySort($aSavedFiles, Default, 1)

$iIndex = _ArraySearch($aSavedFiles, "TRSTAT__TLASTAT.mdl")
;$iIndex = _ArrayBinarySearch($aSavedFiles, "TRSTAT__TLASTAT.mdl")
;ConsoleWrite("IndexFound = " & $iIndex & @CRLF)


If @error Then
    MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Not Found", '"' & "TRSTAT__TLASTAT.mdl" & '" was not found in the array.')
    MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Found", '"' & "TRSTAT__TLASTAT.mdl" & '" was found in the array at position ' & $iIndex & ".")

Any help would be appreciated.



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@error is relative to the previous execution.

In you example, @error is set to 0 by _ArrayDisplay. You have to perform the @error check just after _ArraySort.

Try to remove (comment) the _ArrayDisplay line

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I'm not a @error expert, but I believe this is because you have a array display after the search. Which is resetting @error to zero. Try commenting that out 

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