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Witch Window Is Active

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I am trying to make a simple script. The basic concept is it will automatically re size windows on to each monitor so I don't waste time re sizing them.


I understand how to re size them easily

WinMove('C:\Users\medic_000\Desktop\Monitor 1.au3 - SciTE-Lite', "", 1919, 0, 1280, 1040)

Here is what I need / am confused about I understand the winactive function but I need something that will give me the title of the window that is currently active so basically it would just set that as a variable and then re size witch ever window I have active currently


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



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@Jos , Thak you. I didn't know this trick. I was used to use _WinAPI_GetForegroundWindow function. and get the title from then. 

My Contributions

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 Digits To Date  ----- date from 3 integer values

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 Alert  ------ An alternative for MsgBox 

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GRM Helper -------- A littile tool to help writing code with GUIRegisterMsg function

Access_UDF  -------- An UDF for working with access database files. (.*accdb only)


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