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convert a Unix/Epoch time to local time (with DST correction)

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Hello people, I have a date from a log who is set in Unix/Epoch time (like 1444077951) that I want to convert into a local time. I have try with this:

_DateAdd('s', $unixdate, "1970/01/01 00:00:00")

who work almost well because I have something like 2015/10/05 20:45:51

But actually this result is late from 2H from the time I should expect. I'm living in a TimeZone : +1 with the DST so I understand where is the problem, but how have the resultat with the local setting time ?

I have try with this function : _Date_Time_SystemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTime

But I don't understand how should I format the variable $pUTC..

Thank you
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#include <Date.au3>

Global $Result = _GetHumanTimeFromUNIX("1444077951")

MsgBox(0, "", $Result)

Func _GetHumanTimeFromUNIX($UnixTime)
    Local $Seconds = $UnixTime + _GetCurrentGMTDiff() * 3600
    Return _DateAdd("s", $Seconds, "1970/01/01 00:00:00")

Func _GetCurrentGMTDiff()
    Local $Struct = DllStructCreate("struct;long Bias;wchar StdName[32];word StdDate[8];long StdBias;wchar DayName[32];word DayDate[8];long DayBias;endstruct")
    Local $Result = DllCall("kernel32.dll", "dword", "GetTimeZoneInformation", "struct*", $Struct)
    If @error Or $Result[0] = -1 Then Return SetError(@error, @extended, 0)

    Return $Result[0]


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An other way...

#include <Date.au3>

$epoch = 1444077951 
$aCall = DllCall("msvcrt.dll", "str:cdecl", "ctime", "int*", $epoch) 
$tmp = StringSplit($aCall[0], " ")
For $i = 1 to 12
   If $tmp[2] = _DateToMonth($i, $DMW_SHORTNAME) Then $tmp[2] = $i
$date = StringFormat("%4i/%02i/%02i %8s", $tmp[5], $tmp[2], $tmp[3], $tmp[4])
msgbox(0,"", $date)


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