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For each line in GUICtrlCreateEdit

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Hi guys,

how can i use something like this :

$Me = GUICtrlCreateEdit("", 5, 5, 200, 200)
$R = GUICtrlRead($Me)
ControlSend("Untitled - Notepad","",15,"Hello " & $R & " bye")

It's Meant for each line in "GUICtrlCreateEdit" we see some thing like this : 

Line 1 > Hello Sarah bye

Line 2 > Hello John bye

Line 3 > Hello X bye

Line 4 > Hello Y bye


And in output we see : 


- For every line in  our "CreateEdit" 

Thanks and sorry for my bad english

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Use StringSplit with the newline character as the delimiter.

That will give you an array of lines.

Loop through it.


can you please give me some little code ? :( 

i can not understand without code :'(

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