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adding new keyword: EndWhile

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First of all, i hope this would be the right place to post this.

Second, i'm sure all of you will laugh, but i place blame on my Anal-Retentiveness:

would it be possible to change the keyword to end a While block: EndWhile ?

this would keep it consistent with Func...EndFunc, If...EndIf, Select...EndSelect, Switch...EndSwitch and With...EndWith.

(Do...Until and For...Next are obviously different). I know it sounds ludicrous, and insane, and i also know this would cause complete and utter chaos to all existing programs, I know!, but what if one could optionally use Wend OR EndWhile ? 

I don't know if this has ever been addressed before (i have tried to look-found nothing) but one last time, i place blame on my Anal-Retentiveness.

p.s. - LOVE AutoIt !!!



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It's consistent with VBScript's While loop, and most other BASIC based languages.

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I know it sounds ludicrous

You got that right.

You want it to be consistent with things that are not loops, and leave the other loops totally alone. It's beyond ludicrous.

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I know it sounds ludicrous, and insane

Loopy, even. :P

P.S. Take some comfort in the fact, that WEND may indeed be seen as an abbreviation of While End (especially for you). In actual fact though, the End is in the Beginning ... or you use an interruptus. :blink:

So look at it another way ... Wend is 180 not 360, so really only the middle point, not an end in itself.
It may even mean, While not End then Continue. ;)

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