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RTF plugin

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Really great script!!!

I wanted to try that for a own script. But I have a little problem:

If you click into the edit the next string will be placed at that position.

GUICtrlRTFSet($hEdit, $temp, 0) = Edit has only the new string, rest is deleted ??

GUICtrlRTFSet($hEdit, $temp, 1) = string is added at the current mark in the edit (where u clicked last in the edit) ??

Are there any other "numbers", that the new rtf string is placed always at the top or always at the bottom of the edit?

"It's easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice." (A.Einstein)---------------------------------------------------------------------------My C++ - tools:Tidy tool-->indents your c++ sourceCleanscript --> cleans autoit-code before compiling (co-author: peethebee)My tools:GUIBuilder-->build your window and get the source; german versionMy Games:OnlineGameCenter-->Online Chess and Connect4 with a rtf-chatSnake-->including a level editor to build your own levelsTetris-->the well known game, big funOther things:Tower of Hanoi-->perfect riddler with graphic output

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Definitely Great job! :">

I also got the following errors while running from scite:

ERROR: GUICtrlCreateRTFEdit(): undefined function.

$hEdit = GUICtrlCreateRTFEdit($hGUI, 0, 0, 600, 300, -1, 0x20000)


ERROR: GUICtrlRTFGet(): undefined function.

$str = GUICtrlRTFGet($hEdit)


ERROR: GUICtrlRTFSet(): undefined function.

GUICtrlRTFSet($hEdit, $temp, 1)


but no fatals occurred when run directly from the folder.

As for graphics on the edit, if one does not require user interaction (i.e., if you are only supplying text information to the user), then embedding an internet explorer to display txt formatted as html with graphics using Dale's IE.au3 should probably do better.

Nice, very nice plugin.


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Noob here, I am currently running a script in which I am writing events to a log file ex. successfull install, failed install etc. I am trying to write the log file and have the successfull install log lines be green, and the failed be red, can that be done? here is a little snippet of log stuff.

Func LogDeletingDesktopShortcut($app,$file)
    WriteLog($app & ": Deleting Desktop Shortcut " & $file)

Func LogDeletingDesktopShortcutFailed($app,$file)
    WriteLog($app & ": Failed to delete Shortcut, Icon not Found " & $file)

Func DeleteDesktopShortcut($app, $file)
    ;LogDeletingDesktopShortcut($app, $file)
    $path = @DesktopDir & "\" & $file
    if FileExists($path) Then
        LogDeletingDesktopShortcut($app, $file)
        LogDeletingDesktopShortcutFailed($app, $file)

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