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Quickmenu flyout: what item selection method is best?

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For years, I've been using the flyout menu capabilities of Power Pro ...:


Thanks to a post by Melba23, I've recently discovered the flyout part is easy for Autoit too :)

My question is for the items...

I can probably make most of what I want with the Listbox system. However, Melba also stated somewhere "I would use a double-click for this - ListBoxes (and ListViews) have a nasty habit of eating single-clicks."

So this would necessitate me to use double-clicking... ? (which could get "tiring" quickly...)

So my questions are ...

(1) Which method would be preferred here that would ideally only need one click?

(2) Can this method be combined with a hovering effect? (although that's of secondary importance)


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1) You can easily catch single clicks in a listbox, but you have to respond to WM_COMMAND messages. See example for _GUICtrlListBox_Create in helpfile and watch the event that's fired for a single click.

2) I think this is possible. Take a look at _WinAPI_TrackMouseEvent.

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