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Saving to variable from text in clipboard and pasting text from multiple variables

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Good day,

I would like to ask for help in saving text from clipboard to variables and using values from different variables and pasting them into a text box. I am trying to save text from clipboard and saving them as variables multiple times and then later combining the string values from those variables to use as file names. In the script below whenever I try to save the file as PDF, the values from the variables are not displayed. The supposed objective of the script is to

  1. Copy text from excel files
  2. Save the text from excel to a variable
  3. Copy the text to Tableau
  4. Repeat
  5. Combine the two variables into one variable
  6. Save the Tableau output as PDF
  7. Use the variable as filename to save the PDF
  8. Repeat 

Whenever I run the script, however, the filenames are only dashes, or blanks, or at times the name of the business. Also, is there a way that the script can also detect if the cells in microsoft excel have text?

Many thanks,


Local $tableaufile = "Tableau - Output"
Local $cityfile = "City - Excel"
Local $businessfile = "Business - Excel"
Global $city, $business, $combined

Local $repeatcity = 5
Local $repeatbusiness = 5

Local $i=0, $j=0,$x=0, $y=0

Func CopyExcel ($file)
   Return $parameter

Func CopyTableau($x,$y,$tableaufile)
   WinActivate($tableaufile); Activate Tableau
   WinWaitActive($tableaufile); Wait for Tableau window to show up
   MouseClick("Left",$x,$y); Click the parameter window (you need to change mouse cursor location)
   Send("{BACKSPACE 3}"); Delete existing content
   Sleep(500); Wait for 0.5 second
   Send("^v"); paste in new code from the Excel file
   Send("{ENTER}"); Send enter key

Func PrintToPDF($combined)
   until WinExists("Computing visualization of ")= 0 ; wait until tableau finishes processing
   Send("^p"); print out current dashboard
   WinWaitActive("Print"); wait for print window to show up
   sleep(1000); wait for 1 second
   Send("{ENTER}");send enter to select CUTEPDF printer
   WinWaitActive("Save As"); wait for window to prompt for file name
   MouseClick("Left"); to make the PDF printer prompt appear
   Send("{BACKSPACE 30}")
   Send("^v");send City and Business name as file name
   Send("{Enter}"); print
   Sleep(3000); wait until CutePDF finishes printing

For $i= 1 to $repeatcity
   $city = CopyExcel($cityfile)
   For $j=1 to $repeatbusiness
      $business = CopyExcel($businessfile)
      $combined = ($city &" - "& $business)
msgbox(0,"Finish","Run in finish!")


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Use the _Excel functions, and capture the data to variables...not the clipboard.

When you have the variables, then you can easily concatenate them into whatever you want.

IEbyXPATH-Grab IE DOM objects by XPATH IEscriptRecord-Makings of an IE script recorder ExcelFromXML-Create Excel docs without excel installed GetAllWindowControls-Output all control data on a given window.

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