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Help inputting data into a selected text box.

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Hi guys, 

I am really new to autoit and any sort of programming in general, so I apologize for any stupid questions in advance. 

I am trying to automate an extremely mundane process of getting data from excel and searching for it in a page in IE.


I have taught myself functions using the help in autoit but I am having real trouble trying to do what I would think would be really basic query. 

I am trying to paste data from the clipboard to a selected search box in IE. I have the following. (Sorry if this is hideous to look at)


Func getCIDNfromExcel ()

     WinActivate("[CLASS:XLMAIN]", "")
     Sleep(Random(1000, 8000, 1))
     WinActivate("[CLASS:IEFrame]", "")



Func SearchCIDN ()

      Global $CIDNsearch = _IEGetObjById ($oIE, "phSearchInput")
     _IEFormElementSetValue ($CIDNsearch, (" # "))





I need that # to be basically Send ("^V") so that the data from the clipboard goes there.

I have used the help in autoit but just can not crack it.

Any help would be amazing. 

Thank you. 






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_IEFormElementSetValue ($CIDNsearch, ClipGet())

Mate, You are a bloody legend.  I'm a little annoyed cause I had pretty much worked that out myself I was just doing it slightly wrong.


Thank you so much. 

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