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Problem with default program

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We have a web site that creates .au3 files for our users to download and then run by double clicking on them.  Somehow the default program association has become broken on a large number of our computers and now when our staff double click the link they get various problems.  I'm trying to troubleshoot this and I think it is a problem with the default program association for .au3 having been changed.  I can't figure out how to set it correctly.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling AutoIt but it seems to retain the association.  I've tried deleting the registry keys that set the registration and then reinstalling when I look at default programs .au3 is associated with Unknown program.  When I double click the .au3 file I get prompted to select the program I want to open it with.  I'm not able to locate a autoit.exe program anywhere on the computer.  Can anyone help me figure out what I need to associate the .au3 file with to get it to open correctly?




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