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Trouble understanding some errors.

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I had put together little program for myself and it seems to work well enough. At one point, doing bug hunting I threw AutoIt3 Syntax Checker at it and had my jaw dropped. 23 more errors and 3 warnings,  all-over ~1500 lines of script.

Until that moment I simply checked if the functions worked like they were meant to, giving correct results, etc. What revealed itself on error messages at editor's console after starting the script got always fixed step by step.

What is wrong with the line of code like?

$cc_a1 = _SQLite_GetTable(-1, "SELECT DISCTINCT HOSTS FROM MEMTABLE", $row, 0, 0)

I'm getting on console (hiding user account specific stuff here)

"C:\****\main.au3"(874,85) : error: _SQLite_GetTable() called with Const or expression on ByRef-param(s).
                $cc_a1 = _SQLite_GetTable(-1, "SELECT DISCTINCT HOSTS FROM MEMTABLE", $row, 0, 0)

What exactly did I do wrong there?

One other type of error that's somewhat confusing me. It throws me an error in syntax checker but the code itself seems to works like this okay after running it.

$idFileViewItem[$i] = GUICtrlCreateListViewItem($name & "|" & $status, $idFileView)

"C:\****\main.au3"(1014,37) : error: Statement cannot be just an expression.
    Global $idFileViewItem[$i] = GUICtrlCreateListViewItem

 I appreciate any thoughts. Thank you:)


EDIT: Just to clarify, I only get described errors using AutoIt3 syntax checker. Otherwise, just running the script I'm not getting anything of the sort. I am wondering if I am using variables principally wrong somehow or what?

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first one, your last two arguments should be variables rather that literals (0,0)

no idea about second.

Perhaps you are using older versions or something.

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