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Creating a Directory passing variable information

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I am totally new to this Forum so please forgive me if I am asking something that may have already been answered. 

Project at hand: Create a simple backup script that will capture some imputed variable information then write it to a directory.

Challenges so far: The syntax as far as I can tell will allow me to write variables with the filecreatedir however I need the variables to be separated with a character such as a period,dash or an underscore.

Example: directory created should look something like this: N:\#user_backups\Today's Date.Variable1.Variable2

So, I am trying to incorporate a Date value followed by Variable1=LastName then Variable2=FirstName

End result should look something like this:  N:\USER_BACKUPS\20160119.Calderon.Frank

What I have so far:   DirCreate("N:\#User_Backups\"&$Lastname &$FirstName) 

Not sure how to add date in similar format as shown above or how to separate all by character(. Or - or _)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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