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Error using the function Number

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I am using the Number function to parse a text file a translate the numbers into Integers. I have run in to a problem with the number presented on the screen are not the same as those in memory. I assume this has something do with how double is represented but should it be like this? 

for $i = 0 to 100000 step 1
    $a = Number("0.86",3)*100
    $b = Number("0.14",3)*100
    $f = 100 - $a - $b
    if $f < 0 Then
        msgbox(0, "", "$a is: " & $a & " $b is " & $b & " Why is 100 - " & $a & " - " & $b & " = " & $f)

MsgBox(0, "", "DONE!")



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Your asumption is correct. No matter how many bits are used, any binary floating point represenation of real numbers will have fiinite accuracy, so there will be gaps between representable numbers, and the size of these gaps will expand with distance from zero. Some background info is here.

Consolewrite((.14*100)-(.15*100) & @CRLF)

You can however use functions such as Int, Round, Floor, and Ceiling to control the result of computations, despite using real numbers as inputs.

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