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I can't create a file on a shared drive. I know that directory path is valid. and I've verified i have access to the drive but it keeps returning a Error code: 0

Has anyone else seen this? I assume Dircreate has the ability to modify Shared drive files.

$shared = "\\Idaho-Share"
$Filename = GUICtrlRead($input3)
DirCreate($shared & "\Night Team\" & $Filename)


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Yeah, I pressed enter a little too quickly after the wrong Tab.

I tested it out further and it creates a path in my Documents.

So now i'm doubting that DirCreate can write to Shared folders.

Need to do a little more research. Any input is appreciated.

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I don't believe it's supported with DirCreate.

I've tried it with #RequireAdmin and it still doesn't work. I've tried $filename with an extension and one without, it doesn't create either. I Checked _filecreate to see if it builds the path if you set a file to create but it doesn't. The path has to exist first but that only applies to the local computer.

I found _Net_Share_ShareAdd that i think can do what i'm trying to do. I'm testing it right now to see if I can create a folder remotely.

Goal is to create folder on a network share and add a security group with READ only permissions.

The part i'm stuck on is creating the Shared folder.

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I tried it with the same error.

Thank you for the suggestion.

i'm going to test the _NeT_Share_ShareAdd and see if that will create folders. I'm trying to better understand what the syntax requirements mean.

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I figured it out. I needed the root folder for the shared drive. Not the mapped path. The Mapped path only works for Mapping drives because it auto-resolves the preface name.

Instead of using a DFS folder name I found the Root folder:

I was using the "\\Idaho-share\Night Team\TEST" which was the mapped instance but I needed to use: "\\Company.local\files\Site\Night Team\TEST"

That was my error. After i ran it with the local name it created the folder. Thank you for your help @JohnOne

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That'll only work until your mapped drive to the server becomes inactive.  Also, it must exists.

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