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Script to Launch Buffered Code in SciTE

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Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 2)

ControlClick("codebuffer1.au3", "Tab", 354, "left") 
ControlSend("codebuffer1.au3", "Tab", 354, "{F5}")

So after using SciTE with AutoIT for a few months, I decided I'd like to test different buffer code while working on an included page on a different buffer. So send a control click to Scite to click then send F5? I was thinking it would work but it does not for me. Using the finder tool it appears the tab is Control ID 354 and with WinTitleMatchMode set to '2' I was expecting results... Can anyone show me the error of my ways?

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You can only run one script in SciTE at a time unless you start a separate script not from SciTE. That may be your issue. You could use ShellExecute instead with the path to the codebuffer1.au3 as your parameter

ShellExecute(@AutoItExe, '"C:\PathToDirectoryWhereCodeBuffer1.au3\codebuffer1.au3"')


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    • BrewManNH
      By BrewManNH
      I was looking for a toolbar modification for SciTE and I was checking various versions of SciTE that were available on the internet. They all had some problems for how I wanted to use the editor, so I looked here to see if there were any toolbar modifications for Scite. I found one very old script by YogiBear (Volly) from 2006 that looked promising, though there were issues with it. I decided to see what I could do to modify this script, and make some improvements to it if possible. This script is the result of that work.

      It's not perfect and definitely could use some tweaking, but I thought that it had matured enough, and was mostly stable enough to release the updated version.

      Version 2.0.1
      Minor update to remove all the old Obfuscator directives and replaced them with #Au3Stripper directives instead. I also corrected a minor bug that only showed up for me on one computer I tried this on, and caused the tool bar to crash for others as well.
      SciTE toolbar version 2.0
      Changed the settings values to use constants instead of 'magic numbers' The icons on the toolbar weren't lining up with the separator characters or with the toolbar GUI because they weren't set with the resize setting for the icons, only for the separators. Changed to using arrays for everything, it makes it a lot easier to loop through the controls Added a line to use an alternate path to the SciTE program, so you can start it using, for example, the portable version instead of installed version for those that don't install AutoIt and/or SciTE4AutoIt3. It will accept a commmand line parameter that points to the SciTE executable. Removed a lot of Global variables by moving the GUI creation and monitoring to the Main function and passing variables from it. I embedded the icon files into the script so that there isn't a separate download of the icon files used here. Saves download time and makes the package smaller. Modification of tools is easier because the icon names, tooltip text, and SciTE command codes are saved in the INI file upon first start up. These can be modified after the script has been run once, even after it's been compiled, by changing the ini file information, you can modify this script to automate it, or you can change it manually in any text editor. The icon files are now using, in just my opinion, better looking icons, after all it's been 7 years and icon files have matured. I have included a file with all of the constants that SciTE uses for its menu commands which comes from the SciTE source file "scite.h", so you can use this file to help you modify the commands that the toolbar works with, by figuring out what each of these values represent in SciTE. The core of the script is pretty much the same, I've just fixed a couple of issues that it had, tweaked a few things, added some new functionality and "prettied" it up a bit.

      If anyone has any suggestions as to improvements, bugs/bugfixes, etc. please let me know.