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[Solved] How do I launch an app as it's own parent process?

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I have 3 processes that I am trying to work with:

The ControlCenter (Cannot Edit) and handles the other 2 processes. The ControlCenter will launch and close processes as requested by the user.

The Launcher (Can Edit) and launches an installer.

The Script (Can Edit) and automates the above installer.


My issue is, ControlCenter will terminate the Launcher and all of it's child processes. I need the script to continue running after the Launcher has been closed by the ControlCenter. How do I get the Launcher to launch the script in it's own parent process so it does not get terminated when the ControlCenter terminates the launcher and all child processes?


Sorry if this is confusing. I am terrible at explaining things. Autism can be a pain to deal with sometimes.

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