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AutoIt Compiled EXE Being Blocked by Windows

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Hi Everyone,

My apologies if such information already exists - I could find some stuff about Antivirii products, but nothing about Windows itself.

The tl;dr is that my compiled .exe is being detected and blocked by Windows from Windows 8 and up. It does not request admin or anything like that so UAC isn't a problem, but it seems to be Windows SmartFilter or whatever it is.


Has anyone got experience in what exactly Windows does to determine how a file fails this check, and how I can potentially certify my program to be permitted? Understandably some users are dubious about opening it, which is entirely understandable.


Sorry this is almost more a Windows question than AutoIt, but I figure someone has probably ran into this same issue before. Any advice very much appreciated!

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Could be Firewall related.

I wouldn't rule out that or the Anti-Virus, without like JohnOne says, some supporting facts.

Do you run other malware detection software ... or as you seem to indicate, on other people's machines?

Are your executables compressed with anything? That sometimes causes issues.

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Thanks for the help thus far!

I've sent you the full source JohnOne - I'd rather not post it all together clear because it references some personal things all over the place and obfuscating it for here would be a bit of a nightmare.


The error they get is: ea6fe250606297148621ed7a5e5f6c9d.png


Which is SmartScreen blocking it from running - The English version being: 



Obviously you can go into "More Info" and allow it from there, but understandably people are put off immediately by this already :-(


Thanks for your thoughts!


Edit: Oh, compression! No compression being used :-)

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  • disable Inetconnection
  • run Program once
  • a error occurs where you can allow executing
    allow executing

=> Smartscreen is quiet in the future. Don't forget to enable Inetconnection.

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27 minutes ago, JohnOne said:

Are you opening a website with IE in your code which could be causing this?

Nope, no website being opened. The core of the functionality is mainly ping and traceroutes - a combination of using the internal ping tool as well as launching a command prompt and getting the output from there. Shouldn't be anything opening a website however.

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It's default setting of modern Windows systems.
When file is downloaded from the internet "zone identifier" is added. ZoneId value is 3. This is stored as alternate data stream in parallel to the main file (stream).

Just delete :Zone.Identifier stream from the file. Search around.




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