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Hello guys !

I want to find a solution for me to protect my films to see them only with my script.(Film itself cant be opened but script can open and play it).

1) I was thinking about password protected RAR but I wasnt able to get files without extracting

2) Then I wanted to hide those files(but it is not hard to "show hidden files")

What would you recommend to me ? I really dont know how to continue.

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5 hours ago, JohnOne said:

You will probably have to re-encode them to use you own custom codec, which you will first have to create. Then you will have to install that codec before play and uninstall it after play.


I tried my 2nd method(cos I dont think I would be able to do my own codec)...but I stucked at getting input from CMD command


   $DOS = Run($RAR&" lb "&@ScriptDir&"\source.rar > C:\Users\Samuel\Desktop\Filmy\text.txt", "", @SW_SHOW);

I want to send output which includes names of files which are in RAR....in CMD it works well....but in my script it doesnt work....and dont know why....do you have some ideas ?

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