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Hello everybody, I'm not really new to AutoIt but don't program in it a lot and I'm working on a pretty big project and am stuck on something that really doesn't seem like it should be a problem so I'm hoping it's something simple! I have a GUI opening up with five buttons that when pressed, takes you to a form. Then on each form, I have a "go back" button that takes you back to the first screen with the five buttons. Everything works fine until you get back to the first screen by hitting go back. Once you do this, the five buttons no longer do anything at all and I can't figure out why! I have attached all of the files that I'm using if anybody could help. You will need to run the "New Vendor Portal.au3" to see what happens. When you open that, click "New Vendor" then click the go back button at the top left, and then try Clicking "New Vendor" again and you will see nothing happens! Can anybody help!!??



New Vendor Portal.au3


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