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javascript menu automation help - _FFCmd

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I'm looking for some direction with how to automate the exporting of an excel report through a javascript driven menu; unfortunately it does not support IE, so Firefox is what i've been trying, and I can navigate all the way through the dashboard and generate the report, but to export it I need to go through the menu. The menu has onmousedown and onmouseover events that I'm not sure how to send. It looks like I can do this with _FFCmd, but it may take several statements.. can someone help me get started?


This is the path to export:


<div id="mstr395" tstid="" class="mstrmojo-ListBase mstrmojo-ui-Menu unselectable mojo-theme-dark visible" style="top: 0px; right: 100%; bottom: auto; left: auto;"
onclick="mstrmojo.dom.captureDomEvent('mstr395','click', self, event)"
ondblclick="mstrmojo.dom.captureDomEvent('mstr395','dblclick', self, event)"
onmousedown="mstrmojo.dom.captureDomEvent('mstr395','mousedown', self, event)"
onmouseover="mstrmojo.dom.captureDomEvent('mstr395','mouseover', self, event)"
onmouseout="mstrmojo.dom.captureDomEvent('mstr395','mouseout', self, event)"
oncontextmenu="mstrmojo.dom.captureDomEvent('mstr395','contextmenu', self, event)">

<div class="mstrmojo-ui-Menu-item-container" style="">
<a class="item exportToExcel mstrmojo-ui-Menu-item" idx="0" style="" title="">
<div class="micn"></div>Excel</a><a class="item exportToPDF mstrmojo-ui-Menu-item" idx="1" style="" title="">


Sorry I cannot provide access to the dashboard as it has sensitive information. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!






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Interesting... it's finding the Xpath, but the onclick syntax does not appear to be correct:


    $oDiv = _FFXPath("//DIV[@class='icn']")



__FFSend: FFau3.xpath=null;try{FFau3.xpath=FFau3.WCD.evaluate("//DIV[@class='icn']",FFau3.WCD,null,XPathResult.FIRST_ORDERED_NODE_TYPE,null).singleNodeValue;}catch(e){'_FFXPath_Error: '+e;};
__FFRecv: [object HTMLDivElement] - {align: "", click: function() {...}, focus: function() {...}, blur: function() {...}, title: "", lang: "", dir: "", ...}
__FFSend: try{FFau3.xpath.onclick()}catch(e){'_FFCmd_Err';};




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Thanks so much for your help Danp2!

Unfortunately that was the last statement in the log provided by FF. I have not had any more time to play around since then, but I have a few more ideas.

Would you happen to know if/what any common terminology might be that I can use to investigate what I am trying to learn?



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