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[RESOLVED] Firebird SQL create database ... create table problem

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This thread splits off from this part of the conversation:

I do not think that this related to the actual ADO.UDF, which does connect successfully to the default RDB$DATABASE.  Question is on the actual DDL to use to (a) create database and (b) create table.  

I cannot create database with ADO.UDF, that may require ADOX and is receiving attention.


I have tested SQL queries on PostgreSQL and SQLite which worked, but on the Firebird it just does nothing.

Permissions perhaps? Although I use the same connection string...

; My AutoIt 

sConnectionString = DSN=Firebird;DATABASE=C:\AutoIt\ado_db\firebird\showDB_ado.fdb;SERVER=localhost;PORT=3050;UID=sysdba;PWD=masterkey;

Local  $new_fdb="CREATE TABLE drinks (    ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,NAME VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL    ) ; "

    Local $qResult = _ADO_Execute($sConnectionString, $new_fdb)
      ConsoleWrite("$qResult " & $qResult & " * "& $new_fdb & " * Line: "& @ScriptLineNumber &@CRLF)
;Scite output

$qResult -1 * CREATE TABLE drinks (    ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,NAME VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL    ) ;  * Line: 64
$qResult -1 Line: 76

I have tried "REcreate table..." as some sources indicate that it is the way to go. No success.

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Why is the snake in the sky?

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 I was under the mistaken impression that the IBProvider was included in the standard Firebird installation.  In addition, Firebird is free, and the standard free installation can create dbs using iSQL, but the IBProvider is not free, but comes with a trial version.

If the choice is to pay for IBProvider to create Firebird db's or create for free manually, I will stick to iSQL.


It appears that ADO itself can not create Firebird databases.


Why is the snake in the sky?

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