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Swipe simulation with mouse

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Is it possible to simulate swipe gesture with mouse using AutoIT? Something like 

MouseMove(700, 700, 0)


MouseClickDrag($MOUSE_CLICK_LEFT, 0, 200, 600, 700)

The problem of these two solutions is that the mouse is being released after mouseUp.

The swipe gesture instead, need to release the mousebutton just before the final point.

So what i can do?

-May i run 2 script, the first one to move the mouse and the second one to release mouse after certain time? (Tried but not working...)

-May i run parallel threads? (i don't exactly know how to do it, but i read that is possible ).



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Already searched, but i don't exactly know what i have to read. I'm pretty new in AutoIT scripting.

The only thing that (for me) seem to have sense is this thread :

But still don't know how to set the tap coords, and even if i knew it, i have to find a way to perform the swipe(tap down -- move -- tap up --- stop).

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