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Is $CDDS_SUBITEMPREPAINT intentionally missing?

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In WindowsConstants.au3 the Drawstate constants are currently:

Global Const $CDDS_PREPAINT = 0x00000001
Global Const $CDDS_POSTPAINT = 0x00000002
Global Const $CDDS_PREERASE = 0x00000003
Global Const $CDDS_POSTERASE = 0x00000004
Global Const $CDDS_ITEM = 0x00010000
Global Const $CDDS_ITEMPREPAINT = 0x00010001
Global Const $CDDS_ITEMPOSTPAINT = 0x00010002
Global Const $CDDS_ITEMPREERASE = 0x00010003
Global Const $CDDS_ITEMPOSTERASE = 0x00010004
Global Const $CDDS_SUBITEM = 0x00020000

I was expecting the additional:

Global Const $CDDS_SUBITEMPREPAINT = 0x00030001

but wondered if it was intentionally missing because it could be derived from its components?


For clarity, should it just be added or would that be a possible script breaker and best be left out?

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