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Pass Variables Between Scripts

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Hi guys,

     I've been toying with AutoIT for just a few days now and I've run into a bit of a brick wall.  I'm working on trying to pass a variable from script1 to script2, currently it looks something like this:

     Script1: $variable =  "Test"   

                    Run('AutoIt3.exe "scripts\script2.au3" $variable')    

     Script2:  MsgBox("0", "Test Box", $CmdLine[1])

     Everything works, except when the message box for script 2 launches it comes up with $variable instead of Test.  The variable is getting passed to the second script but it's not being evaluated before it's passed, it's sending the variable instead of the value.

     Is there a way to send the value of a variable instead of hardcoding the data to be passed between scripts?

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