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Bandvith meter.

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Hi all!

Does anyone have an idea or know of someone allready done a script that messure in/out on Computer.

In windows 10 its easy to see in task manager under network what services/programs that use bandwith, but im not sure how i can find that information thru AutoIT.

Have a little app i made in system tray, and was thinking of adding that information to it, an easy way of seeing if something start to take a lot of bandwith..


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Thx I3ill.

But it only address up/down load speed at the time.

Im interested in when programs on local computer start useing the bandwith...

like on my picture.(From taskmanager)



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There are no native functions to do this in AutoIt3.

However you could (I suppose) wrap some windows dlls to leverage ETW, to get what you need, but I fear performance might hinder you.

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