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Flashing windows ?

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I've just started using AutoIt to script dailytasks,  but there's one thing i don't seem to figure out.

I'd like to jump from one blinking window to another as soon as they start to blink.

Blinking.PNG     (Here is the flashing i'm talking about).


I've seen you can get a window to flash, but the WinGetState function does not give anything about flashing.

I've also looked in the include files to see if any constant could help, but i have'nt find anything particular.

Am i missing something ?


Thanks in advance

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Perhaps flashwindow api could be hooked, I don't know about that though.

If it were me needing this, and a better solution were not offered, I would start looking to see If I could get the position of windows taskbar icons and monitor pixels.

AutoIt would be especially easy for this.

AutoIt Absolute Beginners    Require a serial    Pause Script    Video Tutorials by Morthawt   ipify 

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