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I'm having a weird issue with an invisible character (specifically: '?' mark) appearing in my CSV when my script reads it. I've isolated it down to a simple script so I can share it easily.

Has anyone experienced this issue?

How would I be able to detect/remove invisible characters?

For this specific case FileExist would fail. I could do StringReplace or StringRegExp, but what if it's not a '?' mark or a unc path?

Note: I can see the question mark if I open the CSV in notepad, but not in Excel.



$sPath1 = "\\Server\Share\Folder1‎" ; Copied from Excel 2013
$sPath2 = "\\Server\Share\Folder1" ; Typed out in SciTE


ConsoleWrite($sPath1 & @TAB & StringLen($sPath1))

ConsoleWrite($sPath2 & @TAB & StringLen($sPath2))
ConsoleWrite(@CRLF & @CRLF)






Any assistance is appreciated, Thanks!

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The character in question is a LRM.

You could eliminate this specific character with something like this...

$sPath1 = "\\Server\Share\Folder1‎"

$sPath1 = StringReplace($sPath1, ChrW(0x200E), "")

ConsoleWrite($sPath1 & @CRLF)

StringToASCIIArray is helpful for identifying characters you cannot see.

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Thank you!

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