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iniRead Problem


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I have a bot that works perfectly like i want. Now i just added a little save function to make it a little more easyer to set up if nothing changed since last use in my game to save some time with the coordinates. But somehow i am to dub to get the "iniread" to work. The saving works perfectly but when i try to "load" the values it just returns the "default" instead of the values from the ini file.

Here the tiny version of what i do:


Local $iToolX1 = 0

Func Save()
   Iniwrite("FoE.ini", "ToolValues", "ToolX1", $iToolX1)
   Iniwrite("FoE.ini", "ToolValues", "ToolY1", $iToolY1)

Func Load()
   Local $iToolX1 = IniRead("FoE.ini", "ToolValues", "ToolX1", "0")
   Local $iToolY1 = IniRead("FoE.ini", "ToolValues", "ToolY1", "0")

There is a hole lot more code and i get the values with mouse over it and a other Hotkey that just use a function with MouseGetPos... yeah. That all works. The ini file is in the same folder as the script. At first i used array for the coordinates but that didnt wanted to save, so i canged the hole code to singe values for x and y. So the ini file has all the values as it should when i open it with editor and check it.

Only thing i could imagine is that it has problems with the negativ coordiantes that i have because its running on a 2nd screen.

That you can check the full script and ini file i added them as attach.




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@Lydenia you obviously did not read the forum rules on your way in. Had you done so, you would have seen that we do not permit game automation discussions. I would suggest reading the forum rules before your next post.

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