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I recently got a new PC with Windows 10 Pro on it. On the old PC, Windows 8.1, when I right clicked on an .AU3 file there were several AutoIt options in the context menu i.e. "Compile", "Compile 32 bit", "Compile 64 bit", etc.

Those context menus don't show up on the new Windows 10 machine like they did on the old Windows 8 machine. They were a great time saver and I miss them. Is there anyway to get them on the new PC? I've installed the newest version of AutoIt from the web site, and have also installed several older versions that we had previously downloaded just to see if it was an "old" feature.

Thanks for your assistance,

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I have found in the documentation where it says that the right click context menus are only available if you do a full install. That's what I believe I downloaded and installed...  autoit-v3-setup.exe  and it's 11,986 KB. Is that not the full install?

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