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Quick Fix for a Noob - Save File w/ Random Name

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I need to login to a website that displays XML statistics that is secured via Windows Type Security pop-up, and download / save the page as MyData.XML.

I solved the login delema via AutoIt and Selenium Web Driver/ Java

I used AutoIt to wait for the login pop-up and enter the auth see code snip below:

WinWaitActive("Authentication Required")

I then compiled this to .exe and then called the EXE in Java, so I can get through the auth of the page. This works great



I am looking for help in extending this simple script setup now, the most basic option is #1 below, I have a tool that will parse the collected files to give the trends, but if I could do the whole thing as in #2 that would be fantastic. 

1. - Download the webpage to a File in a Dir and increment the name Myfile1, Myfile2, Myfile3 etc since I am planning on collecting the data several times an hour. This way I can collect the page data and parse after the fact for historical data and have a history albeit many small files.

2. - Ideally I would like to parse the the web xml for a value in the page and return only the needed value, in my case this is the field <listeners> which has a number that is 1-10 digits immediately following it ie.. <listeners>1010  ie.  <listeners>99  ie. <listeners>5        - and save just the value to a CSV file or Log appending the entry to the file with the current date and time collected of the session and the value returned. Ie. make an entry into a log like   20161112, 12:00, 105     My goal is to capture the value to have a historical trend of listeners over time.

My initial thought to achieve this was to use a java routine, then i thought I maybe best to just add on to my AutoIt code since I am beyond the auth i can just grab the file and save since it would be simpler.

If anyone could provide some suggestions and snippets to solve item 1 and or 2 it would be appreciated. 

If I could do the whole process in AutoIt with an exe that would be much simpler, I just couldn't figure out or locate anything to get me there.

I am very new to to coding and know this is probably a very simple method, but I just haven't figured out the added pieces.

Thanks up front for any help you provide







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Example of the partial XML

For option #2

The value following the Listeners Field is the one I want to capture in this case the value is 4        <listeners>4  


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<icestats><admin>icemaster@localhost</admin><client_connections>510629</client_connections><clients>5</clients><connections>522467</connections><file_connections>42372</file_connections><host>icecast</host><listener_connections>54388</listener_connections><listeners>4</listeners><location>Earth</location><server_id>Icecast 2.3.3</server_id><server_start>Sun, 16 Aug 2015 16:57:08 -0400</server_start><source_client_connections>75</source_client_connections><source_relay_connections>0</source_relay_connections><source_total_connections>75</source_total_connections><sources>1</sources><stats>0</stats><stats_connections>0</stats_connections><source mount="/wnub.mp3"><audio_info>bitrate=128;channels=2;samplerate=44100;quality=1%2e5</audio_info><channels>2</channels><genre>College Radio</genre><listener_peak>15</listener_peak><listeners>4</listeners><listenurl>http://icecast:8000/wnub.mp3</listenurl><max_listeners>unlimited</max_listeners><public>0</public><quality>1.5</quality><samplerate>44100</samplerate><server_description>WNUB Radio 88.3FM out of Norwich University in Northfield, VT</server_description><server_name>WNUB</server_name><server_type>audio/mpeg</server_type

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To get the XML from the web and save it with auto increasing file name you can do this:

#include <Inet.au3>

$sUrl = ""
If $sUrl = "" Then
    MsgBox(0, "Error", "You have to specify an URL to test this script")

$XML = _INetGetSource($sURL)
$FileName = "MyFile " & StringReplace(StringReplace(_NowCalc(), "/", ""), ":", "") & ".xml"
FileWrite($FileName, $XML)

To get all <listeners> keys from the XML and save it to a CSV you can do this:

#include <Array.au3>
#include <Date.au3>

$XML = ClipGet()
While Not StringInStr($XML, '<?xml version="1.0"?>')
    If MsgBox(5, "For Testing", "Please copy the XML content into the clipboard to test this script") = 2 Then Exit
    $XML = ClipGet()

$aListeners = StringRegExp($XML, '(?:<listeners>)(\d+)(?:</listeners>)', 3)

$sLog = ""
For $i = 0 To UBound($aListeners)-1
    $sLog &= _NowCalcDate() & "," & _NowTime() & "," & $aListeners[$i] & @CRLF

If $sLog <> "" Then FileWrite("LogFile.csv", $sLog)

I don't understand this "ie" part and your XML example does not contain it either:


the field <listeners> which has a number that is 1-10 digits immediately following it ie


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