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Winlist() - what is it really returning


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When I call Winlist(), the first entry in the array is typically between 500-600, and it obviously will fluctuate.

However, I don't have that many programs working, so where are all of these windows?

I know that many processes are running in the background, but having looked at Task Manager many times, I'd say that 100 or less processes are typically running.


From the AutoIt Help file:



Retrieves a list of windows.

Given that the term "Window" can mean different things to different people, I generally associate this with the "frame" of a top level Window, that is clearly visible, either maximized or minimized. I don't know how AutoIt defines 'Window" nor if it modifies the OS's definition of "Window".


To  some, Window could also refer to every Button and other clickable items visible, and if so, that could account for the numbers ff "Windows"  being returned from



What are your thoughts on this...?


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