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Newbie Loop

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Hello All, 

I'm not sure why this is happening but I seem to be in a loop (without a loop)... and nothing is being written to the config file....


I simply want to write out from menu bar (config/software) (using a message box what software I am using).. Code Below PLEASE HELP

Main Script: main.au3


#include <SoftwareConfig.au3>

blah blah 

        Case $WordVersionWrite
            Call ("SoftwareLocationWord")

blah blah 


Imported Function: SoftwareConfig.au3

Func SoftwareLocationWord()
    Global $WordVersionWrite = InputBox("Word Title", "Please Enter the name displayed in the title menu when Word is opened, i.e. Word (Note:This can be a partial name such as just MS")
    _FileWriteToLine(@WorkingDir & "\" & "Config", 1, $WordVersionWrite, 1)


Thanks in advance I'm new to AutoIT

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That's not how it works.

That's all just rubbish.

Show some proper code, and take some time to explain yourself properly.

You'll get blah blah nonsense replies from blah blah nonsense questions.

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