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Hello wise people of the forums – long time since I’ve asked for assistance – it’s me, the Autoit dabbling accountant who is not a programmer (my standard disclaimer).

Is there somewhere in the forums that I can find a snippet that creates a moving dashstyle rectangle, similar to the one displayed when copying (“^C”) in excel? I’ve searched, but surprisingly could not find. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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@1905russell are you actually trying to copy data in Excel, or just looking for the effect? If the latter, is this in a GUI, web app, etc.? The more information you provide the better we are able to assist.

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#3 ·  Posted (edited)

Thanks for the quick response JLogan3o13 - I'm just looking for the effect.

I'm making a little movie to illustrate a  software system that I have finally received the US patent for.

The movie uses a bunch of HotKeySets to fake what I can't program (while capturing the screen sequences).

This dash-rectangle would be HotkeySet to display at a selected x,y on top of any image displayed until HotKeySet turns it off and the recorded scene capture is over.

Am I making sense?


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